Rice soy sauce koji

  • Optimum time (season)
  • Shelf life/consumption date
    2 months
  • Quantity
    200 g
  • Suggested retail price
    (tax included)
    378 yen
  • Quantity (box/case)
  • Storage temperature range
    Requires refrigeration (below 10°C)
  • Minimum case delivery unit
  • Case size (Weight)
    Length × Width × Height (kg)
  • Certification / Approval of
    Certification Body
    (product, factory, etc.)
Product features

Make raw malted rice using rice scraps from our own Nanashiro Sunada rice farm (JAS organic), and add soy sauce, raw malted rice, kombu, and red pepper.
Stir the mixture at room temperature for about a week. This soy sauce koji is the basic base. By blending it with various spices and ingredients, it can be made into Japanese, Korean, ethnic, and many other variations.

Instructions/advice on how to use and to eat.


Saigo Co., Ltd.

  • Name of Representative
    Miwako Masunaga
  • Number of employees
    4 people
  • Company Location
    670-1 Sunada, Shichijo-cho, Kikuchi City, Kumamoto Prefecture
  • Factory Address
    670-1 Sunada, Shichijo-cho, Kikuchi City, Kumamoto Prefecture
  • Contact Person
    Naoko Masunaga
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