Saga Prefecture Made The First picking Highest quality separated dried seaweed

  • Optimum time (season)
    December - January
  • Shelf life/consumption date
    12 months
  • Quantity
    100 g
  • Suggested retail price
    (tax included)
    Retail price 8,800 yen (tax included)
  • Quantity (box/case)
    20 pieces
  • Storage temperature range
    Room temperature (long-term storage, frozen)
  • Minimum case delivery unit
    1 box (shipping not included)
  • Case size (Weight)
    L 660 x W 420 x H 290 mm (21 kg)
  • Certification / Approval of
    Certification Body
    (product, factory, etc.)
Product features

Japanese seaweed has a high reputation worldwide, and Saga Prefecture's seaweed in particular is widely known for having the largest production volume and the best quality in Japan.
The best quality seaweed is the one picked first. The seaweed we are offering this time is the highest quality of the first picking from Saga Prefecture.
This product is easy to use in soups, pastas, and other overseas applications." This product is "Separated dried seaweed" that can be easily used in soups and pastas overseas.
It is processed to be very soft and easily fits into dishes.
This product is very soft and easily blended into dishes. It is a product that is hard to find even in Japan due to its high quality. (Made to order)
Instead of conventional method of processing Ita-seaweed, we have developed a method of manufacturing the first-picked seaweed without losing as much of its flavorful ingredients. This is an excellent product that has undergone many trials to find the optimum taste.

Instructions/advice on how to use and to eat.

The amount to be used depends on your preference. For soups, pasta, etc., sprinking a small amount over dish is recommended.

Office Takahashi Co.,Ltd

  • Name of Representative
    Katsunori Takahashi
  • Number of employees
    6 people
  • Company Location
    6036 Omagari, Yoshinogari-cho, Kanzaki-gun, Saga, Japan
  • Factory Address
    2-2-1, Hikari, Saga City, Saga Prefecture
  • Contact Person
    Katsunori Takahashi
  • E-mail address