About takanazuke :
It is a dish in which the Brassicaceae kind mustard is marinated, consisting of pickles with a crispy texture and strong seasoning. There are different types such as salty pickles, soy sauce pickles, miso pickles, mustard pickles, and mentaiko pickles.
Aso takanazuke is a pickle kind made from traditional vegetables that grow in the cold climate in the volcanic ash of Mount Aso. There are “shinzuke”, new pickles (light pickles) which can be eaten in about 3 days, and “furuzuke”, old pickles which are fermented with lactic acid for six months to enjoy a sour taste. and spicy.
Making :
The vegetables are picked by hand, salted and put in barrels the same day. There are two types of pickles: “new pickles”, which are lightly pickled with 3-4% salt, and “old pickles”, which are bekko (“turtle shell“) color and carefully pickled with a large amount of salt.
How to use :
Shinzuke is cut and eaten as is.
Furuzuke is fried in oil, prepared in mustard or with pasta, etc. It is savored as a cooking ingredient.

Kyushu Aso takanazuke

Takana is very known inside all the immense variety of vegetables. There are many kinds of local mustards rooted in various regions of Japan, and local people like to season their dishs with them. Among these takana, Aso takana is characterized by its crispy texture and spicy pungency.

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