Mulberry Leaf TeaBag

  • Optimum time (season)
    All year round
  • Shelf life/consumption date
    24 months
  • Quantity
    3 g x 30 (90 g)
  • Suggested retail price
    (tax included)
    1,188 yen
  • Quantity (box/case)
    100 bags
  • Storage temperature range
    Room temperature
  • Minimum case delivery unit
  • Case size (Weight)
  • Certification / Approval of
    Certification Body
    (product, factory, etc.)
Product features

Mulberry leaves are rich in nutrients, and especially mulberry leaf powder from Mine Arboretum contains a lot of dietary fiber, iron, and calcium.
The arborist personally selects mulberry from many varieties of native mulberry trees and carefully grows them in Kumamoto. Mulberry trees are grown using a cultivation method that does not use pesticides or chemical fertilizers, and mulberry leaf powder is also a certified product of local Koshi City brand.
Mulberry leaf powder is made using a unique manufacturing method, so it is caffeine free, has no taste, and is very easy to drink.
It is also ASIAGAP and JGAP certified. JGAP is a certification given to farms that meet a number of criteria that lead to sustainable agriculture and are committed to food safety and environmental conservation. This product uses only agricultural products from JGAP certified farms as ingredients.

Instructions/advice on how to use and to eat.

Soak in a cup of boiling water and shake well for about 3-5 minutes before drinking.
This is a nutritionally balanced variety of mulberry leaves grown in a rich green land. These mulberry leaves are harvested and carefully prepared from Kumamoto mulberry leaves harvested in our garden.

Mine Jumokuen Co., Ltd.

  • Name of Representative
    Yukinori Mine
  • Number of employees
    12 people
  • Company Location
    4393-54 Nonoshima, Koshi-city, Kumamoto, Japan
  • Factory Address
    5-103, Kasugahara kita-machi, Kasuga City, Fukuoka, Japan
  • Contact Person
    Mikiko Yoshida
  • E-mail address