Aso Takana Pickled Sticks

  • Optimum time (season)
    All year round
  • Shelf life/consumption date
    6 months
  • Quantity
    100 g / 25 g
  • Suggested retail price
    (tax included)
    648 yen / 150 yen
  • Quantity (box/case)
  • Storage temperature range
    Room temperature
  • Minimum case delivery unit
  • Case size (Weight)
  • Certification / Approval of
    Certification Body
    (product, factory, etc.)
Product features

Spécificités du produit (Qualités organoleptiques/nutritionnelles, origine géographique, méthode de fabrication spécifique)
Product features (information about taste and nutrients, special production/manufacturing methods/specialties of the production location)
Aso Takana, grown at the foot of Mt. Aso, a famous caldera in Kumamoto, is a traditional vegetable that is not open to the public.
Aso is located at a high altitude of 600 to 800 meters above sea level, and in winter it is cold and covered with snow and frost.
However, Aso Takana is cold-tolerant and grows without the use of pesticides because the seeds are sown in autumn and harvested when they sprout in spring.
Aso Takana pickles are made from Aso Takana cultivated in the company's own fields, folded by hand once a year in the spring, and fermented with lactic acid for six months.
The stems of Takana-zuke are mainly cut into easy-to-eat lengths and packed in bottles. This product is designed to be eaten by people overseas as a snack with wine, not as a pickle to be eaten with rice.

Instructions/advice on how to use and to eat.

Mode de consommation / Suggestion d'utilisation (Instructions/advice on how to use and to eat.)
In Japan, it is usually eaten as a pickle on top of rice, but in accordance with the food culture, pick it up straight from bottle and enjoy it as an aperitif with wine. Takana-zuke is a fermented food, so it goes well with cheese. It can also be sautéed together with pork or steamed with pork and vegetables.

Kikuchi shokuhin Co., Ltd.

  • Name of Representative
    Hidekazu Kikuchi
  • Number of employees
    13 people
  • Company Location
    854-4 Kurahara, Aso City, Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan
  • Factory Address
    854-4 Kurahara, Aso City, Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan
  • Contact Person
    Shiho Kikuchi
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