Salted rice malt

  • Optimum time (season)
    All year round
  • Shelf life/consumption date
    6 months
  • Quantity
    600 g
  • Suggested retail price
    (tax included)
    794 yen
  • Quantity (box/case)
    15 g
  • Storage temperature range
    Room temperature
  • Minimum case delivery unit
    Mixed 10 cases
  • Case size (Weight)
    L 208 x W 335 x H 235 mm (9.95 kg)
  • Certification / Approval of
    Certification Body
    (product, factory, etc.)
    Kumamoto City version of HACCP
Product features

Spécificités du produit (Qualités organoleptiques/nutritionnelles, origine géographique, méthode de fabrication spécifique) Product features (information about taste and nutrients, special production/manufacturing methods/specialties of the production location)
- Provenance : Produit de la préfecture de Kumamoto
- Caractéristiques : Produit de salaison fermenté, qui est traditionnellement utilisé pour saler les plats en y apportant les arômes du koji et du umami. Apporte de la profondeur aux aliments/réhausse le goût.
- Spécificité produit : Condiment traditionnel japonais

Our traditional rice malt has always been in pursuit of the best "koji" in order to make it truly "delicious. Salted rice malt, made by mixing this koji with salt and fermenting it, is a product that is culmination of craftsmanship that has supported our history for a hundred years.
Salted rice malt made with our traditional rice malt is packed with the power to bring out the flavor of ingredients.

・Just by marinating meat in Salted rice malt, you can make it tender.
・It is effective in removing the smell of fish.
・It brings out the flavor of ingredients.

Production location
Miso craftsmen make it with great care in a miso brewing room with over 100 years of history.

Instructions/advice on how to use and to eat.

Mode de consommation / Suggestion d'utilisation (Instructions/advice on how to use and to eat.)
Utilisation comme alternative au sel, pour assaisonner des plats, faire mariner la viande et le poisson (apport en umami + rend la chaire plus tendre).
・It can be used to make even dry ingredients, such as chicken breast meat, juicy.
・It reduces smell of fish and increases its flavor.
・Stems of hard vegetables that are often thrown away can be made more palatable by letting them sit for two days.


  • Name of Representative
    Kanji Furusho
  • Number of employees
    50 people
  • Company Location
    1-28-8 Tatsudayuge, Kita-ku, Kumamoto city, Kumamoto
  • Factory Address
    1-28-8 Tatsudayuge, Kita-ku, Kumamoto city, Kumamoto
  • Contact Person
    Kazumasa Fukushima
  • E-mail address