About Koji:
Koji is a fermented material used in the production of miso, amazake, sake, shochu, awamori, soy sauce, vinegar, mirin, miso, saltfish, etc., and is indispensable in Japanese food culture.
Since it breaks down starch, proteins and fats, it has long been used in the production of fermented foods.
Making :
It is made by adhering aspergillus yeast to steamed grains (rice, wheat, beans, etc.) which are its raw materials, and growing them under conditions such that temperature and humidity facilitate their reproduction.
How to use :
Koji itself is mainly used as an ingredient of various fermented foods, but it also can be used as a seasoning when mixed with ingredients such as salt and soy sauce. Salty koji is particularly used as a seasoning that improves the quality and the taste of various ingredients such as meat and fish.

Kyushu koji

Seasonings such as miso and soy sauce and alcohol such as sake and shochu are popular in Kyushu. Koji, used as an ingredient in the foods and drinks mentioned above, has been made there for a long time.

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