About shoyu :
Shoyu is a liquid seasoning that Japanese people use with soybean as main ingredient which is fermented by brewing technique. Shoyu is a basic seasoning in Japanese cuisine.
Making :
Aspergillus and lactic acid bacteria produce enzymes in steamed soybeans and roasted wheat. Soy, which is the raw material, turns into umami over several months, and soy sauce is pressed from it over several days.
How to use :
Shoyu can be poured over sushi-style foods or used as a secret ingredient to enhance the taste of the prepared dish.
A transparent soy sauce is even also available. It can be used when you want to get the most out of the primary color of the seasoned food.

Kyushu shoyu

Shoyu is an essential ingredient in Japanese cuisine. About 300 companies making shoyu are based in Kyushu. Each one makes their shoyu with their particular and unique color.
Kyushu shoyu is quite sweet compared to shoyu from other regions. This is due to the food preferences of Kyushu people. This region was the gateway for sugar to Japan in the ancient times, and locals have found, among other things, that sugar goes very well with fish and meat.

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