Rice flour

About rice flour :
As its name suggests, it is flour from rice made into a powder, rice which has been the main food of the Japanese since a long time ago.
There are many kinds of rice, smooth rice, rough rice, and others.
Unlike wheat, rice does not contain gluten.
Making :
The rice is pressed and ground shortly after harvest to conserve rice flavor.
With the recent development of industrial grinding techniques, flour has become finer and finer.
How to use :
Rice flour has long been used in making dango, sembei, Japanese cakes and others. Recently, its use has also been widely extended to many areas such as breads, noodles, Western cakes, etc.

Kyushu rice flour

Kyushu is also a recognized place of rice cultivation, rice which is the main dish of Japanese people.
Since ancient times, rice cultivation has been practiced here in various places, favored by the warm climate and fertile lands. The history of the use of rice flour, meanwhile, dates back to the 700s. In Kyushu, rice flour is produced in various places, taking the best of each territorial characteristics.

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